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The last 5 years of the Chef have been animated by openings all over the world in the luxury sector.

It was also important for him to succeed in providing an exceptional sourcing and know-how, and for all budgets as a tribute to his modest childhood.
He then launched a new bet through a new brand "YTime", according to its core values and way of life. To put it simply: a healthy and gourmet lifestyle, designed to provide a customer experience throughout the day.

The concept is the present, but timeless reflection of a population more and more attentive to new food trends, but above all, waiting for quality with transparency on the product. The requirements and consumption patterns observed by Yazid Ichemrahen throughout the world, have only accentuated his desire to develop Ytime, born in le Marais, epicentre of Parisian gastronomy.

The second was born in the eighteenth arrondissement of the capital.
A captivating atmosphere and a colourful branding,reflection ofa whole life story and a state of mind in reference to his favourite city: Los Angeles.
« Ytime is a piece of California in Paris. We love good.”

Boutique YTIME selection de cookies by Yazid Ichemrahen
gourmandis cookie By Yazid Ichemrahen
Boutique YTIME Paris by Yazid Ichemrahen
Purs jus fruits frais by Yazid Ichemrahen - YTIME
Cookies by Yazid Ichemrahen - YTIME
YTIME jus de fruits frais by Yazid Ichemrahen