Ycone Paris - Patisserie Iconique - patisserie de luxe

Ycone is the realization of a project matured for years. Ycone is an exceptional place where Pastry meets art in all its forms to create a unique experience. It is a place of intimate comfort, gourmet discovery and openness to the world.

It is also a project that reconciles a very operational vision with a qualitative requirement in the field of pastry and gastronomy.

The aim is to offer and guarantee the most profitable model possible. Ycone's financial performance axis is divided into 5 key points:

Iconic pastry - A healthy juice bar - A savory menu anytime - A finishing workshop and laboratory open to the custumers - Art as a supplement of soul

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Ycone Paris - Patisserie Haut de gamme by Yazid Ichemrahen
Ycone Paris by Yazid Ichemrahen
Patisserie Ycone Paris
Buche Ycone Paris By Yazid Ichemrahen
Gamme salés - Ycone Paris by Yazid Ichemrahen
Ycone Paris - Patisserie d'Arts by Yazid Ichemrahen