I have made cakes since my youngest age. Originally from the town of Epernay (France), I grew up in a host family in contact with their two sons, passionate about pastry. On Wednesday afternoon after school, if I had been wise, my reward was to make a yoghurt cake. I really started to exist by having recognition in pastry.

I saw in the eyes of others pleasure, that is what made me always demand the best of myself. My errors, my trials, have served me as a motor in life to advance and challenge myself.

Without too much family ties, I traveled to practice among the best, which brought me rigor and professionalism. My education was strengthened through my work as well as with the Chefs I had the chance to meet. I remember one of my first employers whom I admired by his titles: "Meilleur Ouvrier de France"(« Best worker in France) and "Champion du monde » (World’s champion).
He told me one day « Don’t ask for responsibility, take it». I never forgot this sentence, it became my leitmotiv. I evolved very quickly thanks to this guideline as well as by finely choosing my professional entourage.


My taste philosophy is close tomy life. It could be defined in a word: "Simplicity"

I use three tastes to the maximum, for three textures to be understood by all pucks. In terms of production, my bet is to give way to the « Authentic" taste searching for the best raw materials, without cheating. I assemble them according to my emotions of the moment to give them the harmony and the sensitivity that they deserve but without denature them.

As for my team, every person who enters the lab must be able to redo my creations. To achieve this, it is a must to understand this spirit of simplicity and sharing, the technique comes only in the finish.

My pastry shop evolves through meetings and travels. Today the priority in my approach to taste is to make each of my creations accessible to all. I think and organize the production to make it as multipurpose as possible. The optimization of the costs allows me not to change the exceptional ingredients that make the difference of the greedy ones.

All is summed up in two sentences which are my leitmotivs:

- Perfection is not a detail but the details make the perfection

Know the state of the art, Make it happen, and push the limits of knowledge (our own and others)