Originally from the Marne (FRANCE), Yazid Ichemrahen has traveled the world for several years. As an eternal questioning, this entrepreneur who is full of ideasquickly creates his YI brand. He conceptualizes under this brand his unique pastry and accompanies companies in their research and development, always concerned to respect the human values ​​that he stands for: simplicity and sharing.
This art lover sublimates each creation according to his emotions to bring them "the elegance and sensitivity it deserves".

This eternal enthusiast leaves nothing to chance. He is the designer of the « Pâtisserie Vernet » in Avignon (France), where he works as a company manager but also as a trainer for his teams, with an obsession for detail.
His book "Un rêve d'enfant étoilé » (« A dream of a stared child »)  traces his journey and his encounters through his gourmet recipes.